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Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Halfway Point-Horticulture Update

We may be just past the halfway point in the season, but summertime annuals are starting to come on strong. Beds are filling in nicely with bright colors and clusters of flowers. While we may not be loving the recent blast of heat and humidity, the plants sure are.

Sun loving and drought tolerant plants are always a good choice for our area. A lot of petunias, verbena, lantana, coleus, and tropicals get used in our landscapes.

We had another quick little field trip with our Hort Intern, Arron, down to Yew Dell Botanical Gardens, just outside Louisville, KY. They had a great collection of perennials and nice shade gardens, as well as a mini arboretum with the likes of magnolias, hemlock, and elms, just to name a few.

Quick update on the horsetail bed. All plant material has been removed from the bed, except for the spruce. The horsetail was proving no match for the plant material already in the bed, as it was growing in all the places it could. After an herbicide application, it seems to be slowing down new growth development. We'll continue to monitor the situation and do whatever needs to be done to stop the spread.



Enjoy the second half of summer and stay tuned for a post on the evolution of the annual beds, early season vs end of season.


-Bryan Miller, Horticulturist


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