Hyde Park Est. 1909, A Donald Ross Design

Horticulture at Hyde Park

Over the past several years, Hyde Park Golf and Country Club has completed many major improvements and upgrades throughout the entire property. To further enhance the Member and Guest experience while preserving the environment, the Grounds Department has teamed up with the Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary Program (ACSP).

The Audubon Sanctuary Program was created to acknowledge golf courses that take the initiative to make the game of golf more environmentally sustainable. Each golf course is required to develop and implement a long term environmental program. This program is set up to help preserve the natural heritage of the game of golf for future generations.
Just over 600 courses internationally are involved in the Audubon program but that number is continuing to rise yearly. Many organizations now realize the many benefits of being ASCP certified.

The Audubon's main focus is the environment and sustainability. But with all the environmental benefits each course has also noticed a decrease in operating costs. For example, having more naturalized areas throughout your property increases wildlife populations but it also decreases the use of chemicals, water usage and labor that would normally be involved with the upkeep of these areas.

One example of  an ASCP approved project that has been completed are the improvements to the eroded creek bank on Hole #7. Prior to infrastructure improvements in April of 2010, the creek banks were an eyesore and a safety hazard along with significant amounts of sedimentary runoff into our water systems. With some reworking, the creek banks are now no longer a visual or environmental eyesore.
Creek at hole #7 Before

  Our main goal at Hyde Park Golf and Country Club is to add to the outstanding reputation by setting an example of environmental sustainability in our community. With the slow decrease of natural habitat throughout Southern Ohio the opportunity exists to promote sustainability through member-based outreach programs, children activities and other environmental initiatives here at Hyde Park.