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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Flowers of Hyde Park Golf & Country Club, Part 1

Over the last month or so, we have planted around 2300 annuals around the clubhouse, pool, and tennis areas. Now, over the next of couple weeks, I'd like to share some photos of the individual plants themselves. The plants of Hyde Park Golf & Country Club.

Petunia 'Plum Pudding Mix'
Canna lily
Nemesia 'Opal Innocence'
SunPatiens 'Compact Orange'
Coleus 'French Quarter'


Next week I'll highlight five more summertime annuals.

-Bryan Miller, horticulturist


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trees and Zoysia!

Over the last couple weeks Mother Nature has turned up the wind and precipitation, overall the course has faired well, except for a few trees. Behind the 1st green a large oak was uprooted and is in the process of being cleaned up, it has been a challenge with the wet weather to get to the site.


Also, about a week ago a large Tulip Poplar fell across the path on the 15th hole, the Hyde Park team did a great job with a timely clean-up!

The Zoysia grass continues to progress well with the warmer temperatures, the purple color that has been noted by many of you is the plant producing a seedhead. It forms a purple hue across many areas of the fairways, the only way to remove the seedhead is through mowing over the next couple weeks.

Close up of Zoysia Seed Production

Unfortunately, the Zoysia on right side of the 18th fairway continues to struggle, the challenge is shade! The Zoysia turf near the bunkers is very healthy due to the tree removal over the winter. This area will remain roped off to reduce traffic and most likely will need to be sodded again. Selective tree removal will remedy this issue.

Right Side-18 Fairway



Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent


Friday, March 31, 2017

Aeration and Tennis Update

Another sign of Spring is the conditioning of the Har-Tru courts for the upcoming season; these processes were completed last week. Coming out of winter, the courts are extremely soft, we will continue to firm-up these surfaces by rolling. With a little help from Mother Nature and some dry weather we hope to have the uppper courts open by April 7th, the lower courts may take a few days longer beacause they retain water and sit in the shade, in comparison to the upper courts. Stay tuned.

Last week, our team aerified the putting and teeing surfaces with excellent results, these surfaces are healing well, however they will take longer to heal in comparison to the fall aeration because the soil temperatures are much cooler and the days are shorter. Healing time will take another full two weeks unless Larry can get on the rest of the greens to help the cause. Thanks you for your patience!


If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at grounds@hydeparkcc.com
Pat O'Brien
Grounds Superintendent


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hurry up and Wait!

Once again Mother Nature continues to be a challenge, a tease of warm weather, a blast of heavy precipitation and even snow. Over the past few weeks we have adjusted our operations accordingly to the ups and downs of the weather.

The HP Ground's team has done an excellent job with many small projects and practices that will enhance the experience for 2017 and beyond.

  • Drainage installed last fall in the bottom of 17 fairway is functioning well
  • Drainage installed in the 13th and 18th greens in October of 2017 is working great. All greens now have functioning drainage
  • The turf fan is installed and the new fence on 14 looks great!
  • Turfgrass interns are arriving for the 2017 season
  • Annual bluegrass (Poa) populations are negligible in fairways, greens and tees (more to come on this subject next month)
  • Aerifcation of the putting surfaces has begun; almost 3 weeks in advance of past years timing
A hint of green- with no Poa

It won't be long before carts are able to scatter to the fairways, we need a little more growth and firming to ensure there is no damage to the slow growing Zoysia. As always, please follow along on twitter @pobrienhpgcc for the latest updates on course conditions and projects.

Spring has almost sprung!


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent


Sunday, February 26, 2017

2016 Ryder Cup-Behind the Scenes with The Turfgrass Team

In late September  I was fortunate to be part of the Turfgrass Team for the 2016 Ryder Cup at Hazeltine National Golf Club. Golf Course Superintendent, Chris Tritabaugh had this short video produced to give a behind the scenes view of the operations. Thanks again to Chris and his team for the wonderful memories!


2016 Ryder Cup: Hazeltine National Golf Club, The Turfgrass Team from Chris Tritabaugh on Vimeo.

March Madness!

It is hard to believe that winter is almost over with almost no snow cover to speak of. February weather gave us a few record high temperatures and below normal precipitation. What does it all mean to the golf course and grounds operation at Hyde Park? Mother Nature has changed our plans! We began mowing, rolling raking bunkers, pressuring the irrigation system and many other tasks a month ahead of schedule. We are completing these tasks strategically with half as many people, not to mention putting the finshing touches on projects around the golf course. It has been a challenge but the staff has been very flexible to stay late and come in on weekends to get caught up!

First mowing of the greens in February ever!


Zoysia green-up!
Fungicide applications begin

It won't be long before the Aerification of the putting surfaces will commence, we hope to complete in March however, it will dependent on weather and soil condtions.

The staff and I continue to move forward with many projects including:

Dan and Pat placing the fan

Minor details to wrap up on turf fan installation on 14

Fence installation on 14 to replace ailing cable line fence


Behind the first green: Drainage installation and regrading was employed to help with this extremely wet area. The tree removal will also help with added air movement to this green site. This site has been seeded and will maintained as a "high rough area"

Plenty of ground water!
Drainage install

Other initiatives that we are focusing on include:

  • Staff hiring and training
  • Arrival of Turfgrass Interns
  • Refurbishing of accessories
  • Preventative maintenance on all equipment
  • Spring tennis court resurfacing
  • Planning related to the Legacy Project

As always we look forward to you're feedback and questions. Please email us grounds@hydeparkcc.com or follow us on twitter @pobrienhpgcc




Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superientendent


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Volunteer Experience - 2017 Waste Management Phoenix Open

WMPO Volunteer Team


Over the past few years, we have used this blog to highlight the volunteer opportunities afforded to our turf staff at Hyde Park. Each experience is unique in its location, event, and its benefits to our team and club. Along with new relationships and experiences. Although this event is a repeat for myself, it was new for another one of our staff and we both walked away with a great appreciation for the preparation and execution for a great PGA Tour event.


The Waste Management Phoenix Open is an event like none other. Both in fan attendance and organization by the TPC Scottsdale Agronomy staff. Every aspect of the golf course and grounds was in perfect condition upon our arrival.


We were able to help out in different aspects of tournament prep. Daily mowing of the putting surfaces, bunker maintenance and other daily upkeep. Easy tasks, but very important nonetheless.


Our experience was not limited to our day to day tasks. Each day working with other volunteers and TPC staff helps create working relationships and networking we would not otherwise have. Not only did we meet and work with those from local and US courses but also volunteers from countries such as Brazil, England, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Peru, Russia and Slovenia, Spain and surely missing others. It was a networking smorgasbord.

Front 9 Divot Team - Russia Slovenia and USA


While there, we were able to understand the dynamics and dedication of their team. While we volunteered on the Stadium course, a select few of the TPC staff maintained the Champions course. Yes there was a PGA Tour event ongoing, but the "Champs" course also hosted numerous sponsorship outings throughout the week. A second golf course that needed to meet expectations.

A quiet "Champs" next door


The WMPO again set a record for attendence. Not only for the over 205,000 attendees on Saturday alone, but also for the entire event yet again. A fun fact that we learned, Saturday's attendence makes TPC Scottsdale the 3rd largest city in Arizona that day, only behind Phoenix and Tuscon. This alone makes tournament prep a challenge. Our team needed police escorts to get to work.


We volunteered for a dedicated staff, with great volunteers and for a loaded tournament field of professional golfers that provided an outstanding show. Conditions were excellent all week with sun and temperatures in the mid 70s. To top it off we were able to witness a great Sunday finish and a sudden death playoff.

We cannot thank the TPC Scottsdale team enough for their hospitality and leadership. It starts with their Director of Agronomy Roby Robertson, and on to assistants Josh Minson, Heath Booker and Julio Riojas. Thank you for the opportunity and congratulations on another great PGA tournament.

Volunteering for tournaments like the Waste Management Open provides our team even more experience in presenting great tournament conditioning for our members and guests at Hyde Park.


For any comments or questions, feel free to reach out to us through email, grounds@hydeparkcc.com and dan@hydeparkcc.com. And please follow along on Twitter for daily course updates, @pobrienhpgcc and @djlaw308.


Thank you,

James Marcum, Assistant-in-Training

Dan Lawendowski, Assistant Grounds Superintendent


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Winter On the Grounds of Hyde Park

Mother Nature has thrown us curve ball this January, with many unseasonably warm and very wet days. This has created a set of new challenges to completing some of the ongoing projects with these wet condtions; however there are a couple bright sides with all of the rain.

We have been able to measure the success of the infrastructure improvements such as the added green drainage and our sand topdressing program. These investments by the membership at HP have allowed in many instances opening the golf course much faster in comparison to even 3 years ago. The excess water in the sand profile, drains much faster, reducing the threat of soft conditions and damaging the turf stand. We are still very careful and strategic not to allow foot traffic on the surfaces, when the sandy profile is thawing to reduce root shear. Please keep in mind, all courses and green conditions vary around the region and the opening of each facility is dynamic based upon many factors!

The recent drainage added to the 17th fairway is working well and we are anxious to see how it performs next season. Could these drainage systems be applied strategically across the property to improve turf conditions and reduce cart path only days? Evaluation and time will tell!

Sand Topdressing and Aeration; Key to long term success!

Over next few weeks our team is finishing a few key processes on the golf course:

Fan stored away, ready for action on 14
  • Fan installation on 14
  • Recruitment of our Grounds Team for next year
  • Drainage behind the first green to capture seepage
  • Tournament volunteer opportunities
  • Refinement and assessment of current agronomic and department strategies
  • Legacy project planning for practice facility and details associated with other areas
  • Tree management program
  • Split rail fence installation on 14
  • Snow and ice removal around the grounds and platform tennis
Exploring further concepts of practice area

As always, please do not to hesitate to contact us with any questions? Email: ground@hydeparkcc.com or follow us on Twitter for the latest course conditions and updates.


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent