Hyde Park Est. 1909, A Donald Ross Design

Friday, September 30, 2011

USGA Turf Advisory Service-Report

On September 6th, Bob Brame from the USGA Green Section conducted an agronomic consultation at Hyde Park. This was the first visit since I began my tenure in late 2004 and prior to that the last consultation from the USGA was in 2002. This visit was an excellent opportunity to evaluate recent course enhancements such as the new irrigation system, bunker renovation, capital leasing programs and drainage projects across the course. Moving forward, the continued focus on the tree management program along with increasing cultural practices on the putting surfaces, such as aeration and reducing annual bluegrass populations were hot topics during this visit. To view the complete report please click on the attached link.

USGA Report Hyde Park, 2011


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent

Member Improvements

With the fall weather upon us, there are several improvements to the golf course that will occur. As many people have noticed there are white paint lines located on/ near the bentgrass approach areas on holes 2, 13 and 17. Next week we will begin to remove these bentgrass areas, reshape and lay Zoysia sod in its place. The recontouring is to bring the bunkers more into play and to make it consistent with the rest of the course. The rationale behind the zoysia grass is to improve the playability of these areas, with increased firmness and ball roll for the “ground game”. These enhancements will further reduce expenditures with the reduced inputs that Meyer Zoysia provides. These areas will see reductions in mowing frequency, fertilization and chemical inputs, as well as aerification and sand topdressing. Hyde Park continues to utilize this competitive advantage, shifting resources to other areas of the golf course while enhancing the playability. Over a three year period we plan to convert the remaining approach areas to Meyer Zoysia.


Pat O'Brien
Grounds Superintendent

Monday, September 26, 2011

Golf Course Closed

With over two inches of rain and counting the golf course is saturated and will be closed for the day. This rain is very beneficial for the aerified greens, aiding in recovery.


Pat O'Brien
Grounds Superintendent

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Green Aerification

All greens have been core cultivated, topdressed and fertilized. The recovery time should be roughly 2-3 weeks, depending on weather conditions. Over the next few weeks we will continue to lightly topdress the greens to add addtional sand to the profile. Lineal culitvation and deep tine will commence the week of October 17th.


Pat O'Brien
Grounds Superintendent

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2012 Golf Course and Turfgrass Management Internships

Golf Course and Turfgrass Management Internship

The Hyde Park Golf and Country Club Grounds Department in Cincinnati, Ohio has two Turfgrass internship positions available for the upcoming 2012 season. HPGCC is a classic Donald Ross Club est. in 1909, located just minutes from Downtown. The club recently completed a bunker renovation in 2006 and replaced the irrigation system in 2008. Upcoming projects include; tee leveling, green expansions and conversion of bentgrass approaches to Meyer Zoysia.

Position Description:
The intern will be exposed to the full gamut of golf course and turfgrass management issues faced in the northern transition zone. The interns will be responsible for, but not limited to:

 Calibration and Application of Fertilizers and Pesticides
 Proper moisture management techniques
 Irrigation repair
 Leading small crews during projects
 Tournament volunteer opportunities
 Wide array of record keeping

Course Information:
Tees: Bentgrass
Roughs: Turf Type Tall Fescue/ Kentucky Bluegrass
Fairways:Meyer Zoysia Irrigation: Toro Lynx

 $10.00/ hr. with overtime (typical week 45-65hrs)
 Housing provided on-site with meals
 Golf Privileges
 Possible full time positions upon graduation

Contact Information:
Please send resumes and cover letters via e-mail, or mail

Attn: Pat O’Brien, MSM
Grounds Superintendent
Hyde Park Golf and Country Club
3740 Erie Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45208
Blog: hydeparkgolfandcountryclub.blogspot.com

Aerification part 2

Currently we are in a holding pattern for the late summer aerification of the putting surfaces. The recent rain events have allowed us to complete 4 greens. The seven-day forecast does not look encouraging with below normal temperatures, cloud cover and possible rain. Please check back here for updates on the progress, and hopefully we can get one dry day shortly to finish this very important process.


Pat O’Brien
Grounds Superintendent

Saturday, September 17, 2011


With a cold-front approaching next Monday, the aerification of the greens might be delayed if the forecast holds true. If this occurs we will continue to aerify the putting surfaces while the golf course remains open. Temporary greens will be in use while the grounds crew is aerifying and topdressing the surfaces. Please check with twitter, this blog and the Golf Shop staff for the latest updates.


Pat O'Brien
Grounds Superintendent