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Thursday, July 28, 2016

August is here!

As I write this update 2" of rain has fallen at HP! The rainfall was welcome, however 2" at one time is a problem, saturating the soils. The months of June and July have had some extremes with hot and humid weather, typical of the Ohio Valley. The staff continues to move forward with excellent results, our biggest challenges during these hot and humid periods are controlling plant pathogens.

James applying fungicides to the putting surfaces

Our team makes many strategic fungicide applications to all surfaces to reduce the chances of an infection. A difficult plant pathogen to control that infects the roots of Annual Bluegrass is Summer Patch, since early July the Annual Bluegrass in the rough has showing decline from Summer Patch, fungicide applications at this point will not help. Innerseeding of Turf Type Tall Fescue in the rough will begin in the next couple weeks in the rough. Turf Type Tall Fescue is the ideal grass in this area.

Healthy fescue on the left/ Annual Bluegrass on right infected by Summer Patch

During the months of July and August a tremendous amount time goes into the planning process for fall projects and enhancements on the course. Some of the "potential projects" being evaluated include, tee enhancments, installation of additional fans on 6,7, 14 and drainage improvements on 13 and 18 green as well as the 17th fairway.

Added drainage is needed on 17 fairway
Fans aid in cooling the putting surfaces enhancing turf quality as noted on the 3rd green

A quick reminder that the aeration of the putting surfaces will take place the week of August 22nd, pending weather condtions

Thanks again to the entire HP Grounds Team for their hard work and the positive feedback from the entire membership!


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendnet


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