Hyde Park Est. 1909, A Donald Ross Design

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Grounds Update: Preparations for 2021

 The staff and I continue to move forward with preparations for next year, the fall is a great time to focus on practices that will enhance the turf for next season. The cooler temperatures and the shorter days have transitioned the Zoysia Grass fairways to dormancy slightly faster than past years. Zoysia Grass when dormant, exhibits poor recuperative capacity from cart traffic because of its slow growth.

In order to prepare the Zoysia Grass for the winter months we employ various strategies:

  • Raising mowing heights 
  • Vertical slicing of fairways 
  • Herbicide applications to remove annual grassy weeds (Annual Bluegrass) to reduce competition
  • Restricting carts to the path
Unfortunately, it will be soon that carts will be restricted to the path to reduce the impact of winter injury. (please check roster book for orange flag protocols during dormancy) 

                                            Winter Injury 2019

Textbook winter injury to Zoysia Grass occurs in shaded, wet and high concentrated cart traffic areas.  Leaf clean-up season is ramping up you will see our team mindfully traversing the fairways to remove the leaves. With the cooler temperatures, frost delays are inevitable, tee times will be pushed back the length of the delays. Email notifications will be sent to the membership indicating a delay along with the start time. It is always difficult to anticipate in advance of a frost just how long the delay will be. 

With almost 3 weeks since the putting green aerfication the greens are doing well and the team has moved on to the aerification of the rough areas. This process commenced early this week and we will continue while weather and soil conditions permit. This practice is beneficial to the turfgrass plant to remove compaction in the soil from the amount of play (cart traffic) observed this year. Overall, it will have a limited impact on playability as noted in the pictures below.

With the final mowings of the High Rough "Native Areas" our staff is making fall herbicide applications to roughly 25 acres of steep terrain, this will take roughly two weeks.

 As always, please pass along feedback or questions to grounds@hydeparkcc.com. 


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Post Aeration Update


Over the past few days the Grounds team continued to move forward with the fall putting green aerification. We displaced roughly 8 percent of the surface area on each green, aiding in water infiltration, root growth along with improving overall long-term playability. We used about 65 tons of sand over the three day period. The team was mindful to be careful when performing the aeration because of the stress on the turf from the multiple practices to obtain consistent championship putting quality for the Member/Guest. Over the next few weeks, the greens will continue to heal, unfortunately the recuperation will be slower due to the use of plant growth regulators (PGRs) prior to the Founder’s Cup and the cooler temperatures expected in the 10-day forecast. PGRs are utilized for many reasons but for our purpose we wanted to slow the growth of the turfgrass plant to allow consistent ball roll throughout the day during the event. It worked!

The team and I will smooth the surfaces post aeration with lightweight rolling, timely applications of fertilizer and monitoring soil moisture closely.

Here are a few pictures of the practices that took place over the past week.

If there are any questions or feedback please forward to grounds@hydeparkcc.com


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent