Hyde Park Est. 1909, A Donald Ross Design

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Legacy Continues

The Legacy project on the North side, minus a few details has come to a close, with excellent results. I would like to thank the entire Grounds team for their persistence, collaboration and execution while maintaining a golf course and their consistent involvement with the South side construction. These projects have challenged us, but the entire team has been instrumental for the success. Thank-you!

A special thanks to Bryan Miller, Horticulturalist and Natalie Selker for their wonderful design work. Bryan, has spent many hours over the last several months planning, coordinating and problem solving to get to this finished product, without Bryan's vision, commitment and dedication the end product would have fallen short. The majority of the plant material is in the ground, the next challenge is to keep it healthy with the stressful summer months just around the corner. Bryan, has also begun planting summer annuals please stop by and say hi and do not hesitate to ask him questions about the plant selections for 2018.

Bryan Miller

Thank-you, for your comments on the conditioning of the golf course, Assistant Superintendents Dan Lawendowski and Arron Garrett along with the entire Grounds team have done a wonderful job preparing the course with limited input from myself due to the construction.

Dan Lawendowski

South Side Update:

Considering that over 6" of rain has fallen during the month of May the entire project has progressed quite well! It may not look like much from the South entrance, but close to 20,000 cubic yards of soil have been moved, creating the outline for many of the facilities. The site is a challenge, with the number of processes occurring simultaneously with multiple contractors and equipment making this space even smaller. Collaboration is key to maintain a safe and efficient work environment.

Another rain event

At the practice facility, hints of green can be seen from the clubhouse as sod has been laid on the new target greens, the chipping green surrounds and practice tee surrounds. The golf course construction contractor Golf Preservations has continued to move well, considering the poor weather conditions. We are hopeful to have the remaining Zoysia sod laid on the teeing surface by the week of June 4th. Seeding of the adjacent areas will occur in the next two weeks.

Making it green!

Newly sodded target green with repurposed synthetic turf used for bunker liner

Thank-you, for your continued patience with the renovations, over the coming weeks we will increase frequency of the updates outlining the progression of the grow-in of the practice facility. As always, if there are any questions please email us grounds@hydeparkcc.com

Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent


Thursday, April 26, 2018

April Showers bring May Flowers?

Here's hoping for some average weather in the Ohio Valley, below normal temperatures and well above average precipitation including multiple measurable snow events in April has been a challenge on the course and for the Legacy project.

On the course; the putting surfaces have been aerified, we choose to use a less intrusive method this year to help with faster recovery. So far, this was a good choice considering the lack of growth of the grass plant due to low soil temperatures. It won't be long until they are healed!

The Zoysia grass fairways continue to lag behind with the cooler temperatures limiting the cart traffic on the fairways. Zoysia grass, being a warm season grass requires warmer soil temperatures to grow and recover from any damage. Cart traffic and wet soils are a perfect combination to damage this slow growing Turfgrass. With a little help from Mother Nature It won't be long until carts are consistently off the path.

Damage from cart traffic

Another sign spring is finally here is Bryan is hard at work in the garden at Hyde Park with many spring selections for Chef. Stayed tuned!

The Spring also signifies the arrival of our seasonal staff including our Turfgrass Interns. James Quinn, is the first to arrive, from England part of Ohio International Intern program at Ohio State. James will play a key role in our Turfgrass team, preparing him for his future in the Turfgrass industry.

Here is a little about James!

Hi, my name is James. I am from Cheshire, England and I am an exchange Turfgrass intern here on the Ohio State Program through the Ohio State University. I have been a greenkeeper for 4 years at both a 9 &18 hole golf course in my home country. I have studied music my whole life and I have a degree in music production from Leeds Met University. Then when I finished my degree I got a summer job at one of my local golf courses and never left. After 6 months of work there I started my Sports Turf Maintenance course and 18 months later I gained my level 2 qualification. I have always wanted to live in the U.S.A and when I found out about The Ohio Program it seemed like the next logical not only for my life in general but for my new career too.

Welcome James.


The weather, once again has been the story, considering these challenges the construction of the practice facility continues to move in the right direction. The golf course contractor, Golf Preservations and Golf Course Architect, Tim Liddy will be onsite in early May to begin fine shaping, bunker construction and drainage installation. My fingers are crossed for dry and seasonal temperatures!

For more information on the Legacy renovations please follow us along on Twitter @pobrienhpgcc


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent