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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Winter Update Around the Grounds

Frozen Soil-

With the consistent cold temperatures the soil profile in the greens is frozen to a depth of approximately 3 inches. The concentrated foot traffic pattern on the putting surfaces can cause damage to the root system due to the potential shearing of roots from foot traffic while thawing.  Next week, we anticipate a thaw to occur, however it will take some time for the frost to be completely out of the profile on the greens. We will continue monitor and update the membership via email when the course will be open. The photo below, is an example of the amount of traffic that occurs from just a single foursome.


Foot Traffic From One Foursome


Silt Remediation #3/#4-

January has brought a long stretch of cold temperatures, a great opportunity to get some tasks completed that might be difficult to do so when the ground is soft. Led by Bryan Miller, (Horticulturalist) the Grounds team finished the last 150 yards of silt removal in the ditch along #4 to the back of the green on #3. While cleaning these areas up, numerous old drains were exposed, repaired and erosion measures were employed in many areas. The last area to improve on the ditch line will be along the fairway on #6.

Hole #4

Zoysia Fairways-

Overall, the fairways look very healthy and weed free, there are no signs of winter injury at this point. Winter injury on Zoysia usually occurs in high traffic, poorly drained and shaded areas. Significant swings in temperature from warm to extreme cold without an insulating effect from the snow can be a perfect storm for winter injury. The photo below is the 9th Fairway in 2019; shade reduction in this area has made a significant difference in turf health.

Winter Injury 2019
Waste Management Phoenix Open, 2022 

As many of you know our team members at HP take the opportunity each season to volunteer at PGA/USGA events around the country to help the host Agronomic teams. Each experience is a little different, the take home ideas and strategies in leadership and turf management are diverse, many relationships are forged and we come back invigorated with ideas to share at HP.  Arron Garret, Assistant Grounds Superintendent and Zach Neuhaus were both selected to represent HP at TPC of Scottsdale for the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Arron and Zach 


Other Initiatives Around the Grounds-

  • Preventative maintenance on all equipment 
  • Master Plan development 
  • Staff recruitment- Guest Worker Visas/ Interns 
  • Tree Management Program 

As always, thanks for the feedback and questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at grounds@hydeparkcc.com.


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent 

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Winter Months on the Grounds at HP


A Last Look at Summer 

The staff and I continue to move forward with preparations for next year, the fall is a great time to focus on practices that will enhance the turf quality for next season. The cooler temperatures and the shorter days have transitioned the Zoysia Grass fairways to a golden brown. Zoysia Grass when dormant, exhibits poor recuperative capacity from cart traffic because of its slow, almost non-existent growth exhibited in the winter months. Carts are restricted to the path until the Zoysia grass is actively growing again in the Spring.

Frost and Frozen Soil Delays:

With below freezing temperatures the ground will continue to freeze rapidly and thaw slowly. The concentrated foot traffic pattern on the putting surfaces can cause damage to the root system due to the potential shearing of roots from foot traffic while thawing, thus the use of temporary greens on 6 and 7 has been utilized with the impact of shade from the trees in this area. Delays due to thawing soil and frost are more consistent as we get into the winter months, we will continue to update the membership via email when delays occur. The photo below is an example of the amount of traffic that is left from a single foursome.

Key initiatives for our team this fall/winter include:

Realigning tees:

After years of topdressing and encroachment of Bentgrass in the rough select tees are in need of realignment and leveling.  


Resodding of edges to fescue

Sand Additions In Bunkers is becoming an increasingly common practice each year with the silt contamination from the bottom and the edges of the bunkers changing the physical properties and playability of the sand. Our team in the coming winter months will add another 150-300 tons of sand this winter to the bunkers.

Checking of Sand Depths

Continued dredging of the ditches behind the 3rd green and along 6 fairway to improve drainage flow and aesthetics of these hazards.

Silt Removal from Ditch behind 3 green

Other Initiatives:

-Irrigation system winterization 

-Finishing of deeptine aeration on the putting surfaces 

-Topdressing and aeration of the tees 

-Leaf clean-up 

-Repositioning the fan on 14 green to left side of green to enhance the view to 15th green

-Tree management program

-Preventative maintenance on all of the equipment 

-Masterplan development 

-Staff training and recruitment 

As always, thank-you for the comments and feedback on the grounds at Hyde Park. Happy Holidays from the entire Grounds Team.


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent