Hyde Park Est. 1909, A Donald Ross Design

Friday, March 26, 2021

Spring has (almost) Sprung

The golf season is slowly getting ramped up, with the typical hit and miss Spring-like weather. Most of the playing surfaces have been mowed a few times and we are starting to see the Zoysiagrass transition with a green hue evident. When does the Zoysia grass green up? A great question, that has a dynamic answer; it depends! Zoysia is a warm season grass that will start to transition with hints of green becoming noticeable when air and soil temperatures are consistently above 60F. The cooler and frosty nights have slowed the transition down slightly this year but the turf, overall looks very healthy coming out of the winter. While the Zoysia is transitioning, we limit cart traffic on the grass because the recuperative capacity of this turf is slow and excessive traffic will cause damage. Carts will be able to operate in the fairways once the turf is actively growing and the surfaces are firm. Recently, we rolled the fairways to help increase the firmness and smooth from the freeze/thaw cycles.

Spring Aeration of the putting greens is right around the corner, in fact we were able to get a head start with the aerification of the tees on the course and they are healing nicely.  As you see in the graphic below aerification  provides many beneficial pieces to growing healthy playing surfaces. However, it is a disruption to you and we try to get the surfaces healed quickly as possible. It usually takes about 3-4 weeks to see full recovery depending on weather, and soil temperatures. Spring aeration of the putting surfaces will commence (weather and soil conditions permitting) on Monday April 12th and we hope to be completed by the end of the day on April 14th. The golf course will be open, but we will employ temporary holes locations in the fairways until we are finished with the processes. 

Thanks for you patience! 

The new forward tee on 18 continues to establish well and we hope in the coming weeks (April) to have this open for play. Thank-you for utilizing the temporary teeing grounds located beside the new tee.

On the horticulture front, Bryan Miller and the rest of the team have been busy planting various trees and shrubs behind the 6th tee and along the fence line bordering Brotherton Ave.  It looks much more aesthetically pleasing then the solid line of invasive Honey Suckle that was removed in late 2020. It won't be long before it fills in to help reduce the sights and sounds of the street.

Another sign of spring with the tulips just starting to bloom.

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to grounds@hydeparkcc.com. Thanks for the feedback and comments.

Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

24 Days Away

It is hard to believe that Spring is less than 24 days away after seeing the golf course and grounds covered with almost 10" of snow. As most of you know, being Canadian I enjoy the snow and I have missed having a true winter, this year was a little different.  Isla, our new Aussie Shepard pup agrees with my sentiments, but I know she is excited for the Spring to spend a little more time on the course this year. 

The recent thaw, warmer temperatures and the sun shining has created excitement and optimism for the 2021 golf season, however as of this morning (2-24) the course still had snow covered areas,  thawing soils and plenty of standing water.  Overall, the turf, including the Zoysia grass looks really good, the blanket of snow insulated the Zoysia from the extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, the greater chances of damage can occur in this transition; freeze-thaw periods and foot traffic across the greens can damage the roots and ultimately impact the health of the grass long into the season.  As course status changes, we will update the membership via-email and the Pro shop staff will also be a helpful source when finding out more information when or if the course will be open.

The question arises each year, what do you do in the winter? The Grounds team and I are busy with the typical preparations of building our team, equipment maintenance and yes, snow removal. This year our team focused on the golf course with many initiatives including:

  • Dredging of the ditches on 4,6 and 7- This project has been long overdue and will be a multi-year process to remove the sediment that has impacting the flow of water from the the grounds.

The bunkers are almost 17 years old! Along with that, comes increased maintenance and challenges, we are starting to note deficiencies in drainage, turf quality on the bunker surrounds and the shapes have evolved with concentrated sand build-up in strategic areas.  This winter, our team added about 250 tons of new bunker sand, edged all 60 bunkers and regrassed a few key areas. Although these strategies are short-term in nature it will help with the the anticipated increase of play at HP.

The on-going tree management program focused once again on pruning, removal of dead and dying trees along with removal of 2 acres of invasive honey suckle.  We anticipate the tree work to be finished by mid-March with final stump removal and sodding or seeding of these areas.

The new forward tee on 18 is surviving the winter well! The tee will be closed for the month of March while establishment continues, a temporary teeing area will be located in the rough, close proximity to the new tee. A dying tree has been removed near the new tee, but we have been delayed in the clean-up due to the snow.

Thank-you,  as always for the feedback and questions about the course and grounds at Hyde Park, we look forward to seeing you soon.


Pat O'Brien
Grounds Superintendent