Hyde Park Est. 1909, A Donald Ross Design

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Grounds Update April

The work continues across the Grounds of Hyde Park, Mother Nature continues to work against us. Thus far, in the month of April we have accumulated almost 4" of rain and below normal temperatures which has meant a slow start for the grass and the golf season. As of this week the staff continues to focus on wrapping up a few projects which include:

Bunker on 9
Squaring of the 4th tee

With the warmer weather the Zoysia grass seems to be greening up, but rather slowly areas hampered by shade are still wet and lagging behind.

A view of the 2nd fairway
The 18th fairway, thin and wet turf due to too much shade

The harsh winter, wet and cool spring will possibly mean a longer period of carts on the path until the zoysia is actively growing. The zoysia sod on 13 and in general the renovation looks great overall with a couple minor settlement issues and portions of the fine fescue high rough are lagging due to the late seeding. Cart traffic on 13 will be limited until the new sod matures.

A view of the 13th

Another project that will be commencing shortly is the addition of a fan on the 3rd hole. The addition of the fan will allow increased air movement reducing plant pathogens and improving overall plant health.

The 6th tee is ready for sod
Green and tee aerifcation are completed and healing well- 8 days after
Green drainage- Practice green

Overall the putting surfaces where drainage was added are performing well however, root growth is lagging behind due to the extreme winter, these greens will be treated slightly different until rooting catches up!

Practice like a Pro! The use of a lineal divot pattern with a couple inches in between will conserve space and allow for faster divot recovery! Large bare areas will not heal!

Thanks to Mary for the wonderful tulips! Spring is here!