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Monday, November 24, 2014

Winter and the Grounds Department

The unexpected cold snap in late November was a harsh reminder that winter is here. Many of the long term forecasts/models point to an usually cold winter similar to last year. I typically don't hold much faith in 10 day forecasts, so long term models are even less accurate in my opinion. During the winter months the grounds staff shifts gears and is involved with:

  • Snow and ice removal in all areas of the club including the platform tennis
  • Refurbishing of course accessories
  • Organizing records and analyzing data from last seaon to adjust programs
  • Capital planning
  • Equipment servicing
  • Continuing education
  • Tree Managemnt program including removals and pruning
  • Staff training

As many people have noted there are new push button heater timers at the platform tennis. To engage the heaters for 30mins simply push the button. The grounds staff will continue to monitor court conditions on a daily basis. Please utilize the court reservation system, this allows us to see if/ when play will occur to turn on the heaters in advance or bring in more staff during major snow events. We also use Twitter - @pobrienhpgcc frequently updating the status or condtions of the courts. Also, additional heaters will be installed soon by Rick Spivey's staff to allow for faster and more consistent melt of snow and ice.

Winter Golf-

As we move into the colder season please contact the Proshop or follow us on Twitter for the latest conditions on the course. There will some days even though the sun might be shining and warmer temperatures be present the course might be closed due to frozen or thawing turf. We monitor conditions very closely, to see when it might be safe for the greens to endure foot traffic.

From all of us it in the Grounds Department we are looking forward to another successful, 2015 season and we all would like to wish you a very Happy and Safe Holiday season!


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent





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