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Friday, November 21, 2014

Grounds Update November 11/21/14

The grounds at HP continue to thaw out, however there are many areas of the golf course that are still hanging onto some snow cover along with frozen soil. During this time of year with winter play we have concerns of frost and frozen ground that will impact the turfgrass plant and root systems, particularly on the greens. Over the past week the near record low and high temperatures have created on some of the putting surfaces a 3-4" frozen layer in the soil.

The freeze and thaw periods help relieve compaction in the soil, which is a positive. The negative is; damage can occur when walking on the putting greens when the frozen soil layer has not not thawed out completely. Roots in the top 3-5" are prone to shear from foot traffic where the frozen and thawing layers meet.

With the current forecast trend, thawing of the putting surfaces will occur over the next couple days, but it will not be enough to open for play on Saturday and there will be a slim chance for A Sunday opening. We will evaluate conditions for Sunday closely for a possible opening. Please check with the Proshop for possible opening or follow us on Twitter @pobrienhpgcc for the latest updates on the grounds. If there are any questions please email us at: grounds@hydeparkcc.com


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent


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