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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Grounds Update- Spring is here?

Even with the extremely slow start in the weather the Grounds Staff and I have been extremely busy over the winter months with snow removal and projects. The proceeding months of planning prior to the start of the season are extremely crucial in executing our strategies to enhance playing conditions and the overall experience.

With that said, the staff is close to shifting from project mode into daily maintainence. The sand topdressing applied to the greens in December to protect the plant from the cold temperatures is almost gone and daily mowing will begin soon. As of March 20th the staff continues to:

-Pick-up of debris (multiple times)

-Seeding and sodding of miscellaneous areas

-Pressurization of the irrigation system

-Applications of preememeegent herbicides

-Bunker repair from the deep frost this season

-Tennis court resurfacing

As you take a look across the golf course many of the grasses continue to exhibit many shades of brown. The Zoysia grass fairways continue to show signs of making it through the winter well, but green-up will be late this season. The greens where drainage was installed late last season (3,5,14 and 15) did not show the root growth we typically see in the winter months due to the frozen ground. Although playable, we will treat these greens a little different then the established greens, this may mean that aerifcation will be delayed on the newly drained greens until the root growth ininiates.

View of the 3rd green and sodded drain lines
Sod peeled back on 3rd green to show lack of root growth


Upcoming projects include:

The installation of a fan located behind the 3rd green slated to be completed in early May. Additional brush has been removed left of 3 and the addition of a fan will aid improving the air circulation across the putting surface to reduce plant pathogens and improve turf quality to enhance populations of creeping bent grass.

Red circle on the above photo denotes fan location behind 3 green

Other upcoming projects include the addition of drainage to the practice green behind the practice tee and the addition of a greenside bunker behind the 9th green that was removed decades ago.

Ross drawing of the 9th green and the return of the bunker in back


Everyone is very anxious to see the Spring season in full gear, although delayed, it won't be long. If there are any questions or feedback please contact us at: grounds@hydeparkcc.com or follow us on twitter @pobrienhpgcc


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent


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