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Friday, March 7, 2014

Freeze, Thaw and Status of the Golf Course

With the last of the snow melting, the golf course and grounds are beginning to thaw out. As of Friday March 7th the golf course is closed due to thawing and wet soils. We will continue to monitor the conditions on a daily basis for a possible opening with temporary greens located in the fairways and all carts on the path. With the colder over-night temperatures the threat of frost and freeze will most likely delay any possible opening to the early afternoon.

With below freezing temperatures the ground will continue to freeze rapidly and thaw slowly. The concentrated foot traffic pattern on the putting surfaces can cause damage to the root system due to the potential shearing of roots from foot traffic while thawing, thus the use of temporary greens for a short period of time until the soil dries out and firms up.

Damage to the tees is minor because they drain well and the root system is more extensive because of the higher mowing height. The picture below shows the amount of traffic a putting surface receives with just one foursome.

For the latest on course conditions and possible opening time please follow us on twitter, call the Proshop or check the Hyde Park App.

Thank-you for your patience while Mother Nature shifts towards Spring.


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent


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