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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aerification is complete- what's next?

Aerification of the putting surfaces was recently completed with excellent results even considering the warmer temperatures. The timing of aerifcation has been much earlier compared to past years because:

  • Warmer temperatures allow for faster healing
  • Slower golf calendar of events
  • Allowing to promote bentgrass over the dreaded Poa

The healing process has begun with the turf growing well. The recent trials prior to this aerifcation have yielded 75% recovery in 6 days. Thanks for your patience during this important process.

Thanks to all the staff for their efforts!

Interseeding in the rough areas continues with germination occurring after 5 days. Please remember to operate the golf carts in the Zoysia fairways to allow increased germination.

Aerification and seeding equipment

Recently questions have been asked about the white dots on the putting green? These white dots outline plots set-up by Ohio State to evaluate products that may reduce the impact of Fairy Ring. Fairy Ring is one of key plant pathogens we target each season.

Dominique making applications to putting green


Another great intern project this season was the expansion of the bentgrass sod nursery near the vegetable garden behind the 4th green. Germination is moving nicely and this areas will be ready to mow within a week. Two different bentgrass cultivars have been planted to evaluate eventually on a small scale on the putting surfaces at HP. Once established, please come and roll a few balls on these fine surfaces.


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Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent

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