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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Aerification

With the change in the tree foliage it signals that the golf season is slowly winding down. Over the next few weeks the Ground’s Staff and I will be involved with several projects across the course. On top of the on-going projects we will be completing a second aerification to the putting surfaces which will commence on October 24th and 25th. The golf course will be closed on the 24th, but will be open after that with temporary greens where the processes are being completed. Core aeration is a disruptive but, necessary process and a foundation of the agronomic program at HP. The increased aeration and sand topdressing over the years has helped the poor draining and thatchy greens, however through regular testing and recommendations from the USGA and a second independent lab, the agronomic program will expand to increasing sand topdressing applications along with a second core aeration in the fall. The overall strategy is to improve the playability and sustainability of the surfaces by amending the soil with increased sand aiding in shifting the populations from Annual Bluegrass to Creeping Bentgrass . Basically, continuing to rebuild the greens from the top down, eliminating the need to close the course for a major renovation of the greens. The two links below contain recommendations and adjustments from the USGA and ISTRC to the current agronomic program at Hyde Park. Each year the representative green will be tested to quantify the adjustments in the program.

Links of interest:

USGA Consultation

ISTRC Report #9 Green

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