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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Patch

The extreme weather conditions over the last months have been a challenge for the staff and turf alike. The putting greens, specifically the Annual Bluegrass populations are exhibiting signs of Summer Patch. Summer Patch, is a soil pathogen that causes root dysfunction on mainly Annual Bluegrass, which generally shows signs and symptoms in July and August when the turf is under a tremendous amount of stress. In order to reduce summer the effects of summer patch we have a comprehensive strategy that includes:

• Promoting Creeping bentgrass (the ideal grass for greens in this region)

• Aggressive aerfication and cultural practices to improve drainage

• The addition of subsurface drainage

• Reducing PH with acidifying fertilizers and added Manganese

• The last line of defense is the fungicide program that includes monthly preventative applications beginning in April and continuing until August

On #6 green we have treated only half of the green curatively. We are going to continue assess how the treated area responds versus non-treated and how rapid the decline will be on the Annual bluegrass. Our goal is to investigate strategies to encourage the bentgrass populations long-term; this project will be only one of many options that will be laid out over the next year.


Pat O’Brien
Grounds Superintendent

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