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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Innerseeding and Golf Cart Traffic Routing

With the recent innerseeding of the rough there are new turf type tall fescue seedlings beginning to germinate. In order to preserve the new growth, the cart traffic will be confined to the Zoysia grass fairways, in order to get to the fairways an entrance point and exit area has been designated to concentrate the wear. These entrance and exit points are marked with pink flags and a cart sign. Once the seed has matured to a stage where the plant can handle the traffic, carts will be able to return to the regular cart rules, which still prohibits driving or parking the cart in the rough.

Only the holes that have been seeded have entrance and exit points, the remaining holes to be seeded and aerified are #10,11,13,15, and 16. We hope to complete these holes by Wednesday August 31st.

We appreciate your patience through this entire process. There has been a tremendous improvement in the roughs and the turf-type tall fescue populations, even after one year of the aggressive innerseeding program.


Pat O’Brien

Grounds Superintendent

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