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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hurry up and Wait!

Once again Mother Nature continues to be a challenge, a tease of warm weather, a blast of heavy precipitation and even snow. Over the past few weeks we have adjusted our operations accordingly to the ups and downs of the weather.

The HP Ground's team has done an excellent job with many small projects and practices that will enhance the experience for 2017 and beyond.

  • Drainage installed last fall in the bottom of 17 fairway is functioning well
  • Drainage installed in the 13th and 18th greens in October of 2017 is working great. All greens now have functioning drainage
  • The turf fan is installed and the new fence on 14 looks great!
  • Turfgrass interns are arriving for the 2017 season
  • Annual bluegrass (Poa) populations are negligible in fairways, greens and tees (more to come on this subject next month)
  • Aerifcation of the putting surfaces has begun; almost 3 weeks in advance of past years timing
A hint of green- with no Poa

It won't be long before carts are able to scatter to the fairways, we need a little more growth and firming to ensure there is no damage to the slow growing Zoysia. As always, please follow along on twitter @pobrienhpgcc for the latest updates on course conditions and projects.

Spring has almost sprung!


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent


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