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Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall projects and cultural practices update

The unseasonably warm and dry weather in September and now October has been excellent for golf, but also what we like to call, project season. Here is a quick update on what has been accomplished:


Aerification and inner-seeding of the Roughs

The weather was perfect for the staff to complete this process and with help from the membership, cart restrictions enabled excellent germination of turf-type tall fescue in many areas across the golf course. You'll also notice bleaching of turf on 4 hillside and a few other areas, that is due to an application of selective herbicide targeting bermudagrass in these areas.

Fescue seedlings germinating in the rough
Herbicide application to bermudagrass on 4


Green and Fairway Drainage

The first week of October, we had an outside contractor on site to install drainage on 18 and 13 greens, the last two greens at Hyde Park without drainage! We are very excited about this being completed as it has been a successful process since it was started in 2008, along with being a great benefit to the entire membership. A few members have even noted following some of our 1"+ rain events, how little course status has been impacted.

While on site, drainage was installed to low and persistently wet areas on 9, 17, and 18 fairways and rough. Again, we are very excited about this because it is something that affects the entire membership. Much like the golfer, we do not enjoy when carts are restricted to the path, or what can seem like miles of rope and stakes to direct traffic. We expect that this initial test of drainage design proves beneficial and effective.


Tee renovations

The grounds staff has moved forward with renovations to the 5th tee, while having completed the back tees on 12 last week. The scope of work for each tee varies, but typically involves: lifting of existing teeing surface to be reused, removing old grasses in the surround, regrading the surface and properly aligning the tee to the hole, reshaping and regressing the tee surround. During and after these renovations, the new sodded teeing surfaces will be closed to play until proper rooting takes place.
12 tee - Before
12 tee - After


Upcoming cultural practices

During the first week of November, DryJect aerification will take place on the putting surfaces. Leading up to this process, deep-tine aerifcation will be completed prior to DryJect. The combination of these processes will relieve compaction, amend the soil profile while improveing drainage and root growth, all with minimal surface disruption. Upon completion the greens will be open for play.

As always, we are open to feedback and comments and welcome you to follow us for daily course and project updates on Twitter - @pobrienhpgcc, @djlaw308, and @pcarroll14.


Thank you,

Dan Lawendowski, Assistant Grounds Superintendent


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