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Friday, August 26, 2016

Putting Green Aerification Update

On August 22nd and 23rd the Hyde Park Grounds team aerified the putting surfaces, the weather at the time was ideal, low humidity and cool temperatures, something that Mother has not delivered very much this summer. The choice to aerify in late August in Cincinnati is unique, because it can be extremely hot, putting the turf under great stress. The primary reasons for this choice is twofold; to reduce the chances of Annual Bluegrass (Poa) encroachment because of a relatively quick healing time and the golf calendar has a slight lull before it picks up again in the fall.

The downside is we need to be very careful during and after the processes because of the heat to slowly allow the turf to recover. The greens are slow and bumpy, however they are recovering well! We generally see full recovery in two weeks, pending weather conditions.

During the process!

Close up...

After Sand Incorporation...

A few days later.....

We will begin mowing and rolling the surfaces consistently when the Turfgrass plants have grown through the sand that was applied.

A few stats attached to aerifcation process....

  • There are appromately 72 holes per square foot, roughly with a .5" diameter
  • The channels range from 2.5" to 2.75" in depth
  • Impacting roughly 10% of the surface
  • Almost 70 tons of sand were used to backfill the channels
  • It takes about 14 members of our team to compete this process over two days
  • Since October of 2016 our team has applied close to 275 tons of sand to the putting greens through aeration and topdressing! Sand applications create a healthy environment for Turfgrass and aid with improved playability; noted in firmness and ball roll

Thanks to the entire staff for their hardwork during these long days and the HP membership for their patience while the surfaces recover.


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superientendent


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