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Sunday, June 26, 2016

The HP Grounds Team Ready for Summer!

The Grounds staff and I have been very busy around the course in preparation for the summer months, our agronomic programs and strategies our built around the most stressful time for turfgrass...Summer. Our team members continue to develop and grow, taking on new tasks and honing others. The success of program is directly related to the planning process and the execution of our most important assest; our team members.
Many of you know that each year we engage in an formal internship program, the students come from across the US and the world to develop their skills in Golf Course and Turfgrass Managment. The interns play a key role in the daily activities, they are tasked with;
Course Set-up
Moisture Mangament
Irrigation repair and
Leading Small Crews
Equipment Operation
Pesticide and Fertilizer Applications
The primary objective of the program is to develop their skill-set for advancement in the turf industry. The interns at Hyde Park are challenged on a daily basis with many different tasks that require objective thought. During the season, the interns our involved with field trips to other facilites, attendance of Grounds Committee meetings and have opportunities to volunteer at tournaments. The Assistants and I enjoy challenging and mentoring the interns through this process. Our team also appreciates how the members at Hyde Park have invested into this program, many of you have had the opportunity to welcome them. We are fortunate that this season we have 3 Turfgrass interns:

Alex Lambert- Ohio International Intern Program, Manchester UK
Arron Garret- Cincinnati State, Cincinnati
Andrew Miller- Rutgers University, Northern Kentucky
In the coming months we plan to have a Grounds Open house, teaming with Les for a wine tasting and an opportunity to meet some our team, talk turf and see our tools of the trade, stay tuned!
If there are any questions or feedback please email us at grounds@hydeparkcc.com or follow along on Twitter @pobrienhpgcc
Pat O'Brien, MSM
Grounds Superintendent

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