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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Upcoming Cultural Practices

Beginning on October 26th, we will start the next group of cultural practices to improve green surfaces through aerating and amending the soil profile. Two separate practices will occur in conjunction with each other.

First we will Deep-tine the greens with a 1/2" solid tine at up to 12" depth. There is no core pulled, just a small diameter hole punched. This process penetrates through the "plow layer" that exists at about a 4" depth relieving compaction and allowing air and nutrients deeper into the profile also creating a void for roots to grow.

Secondly, we have a contract company coming in to perform "Dry-ject." We have done this procedure in the past. In this process, special machines use a high pressure jet of water to create an irregular void that is instantaneously filled with sand. Spacing and depth can be adjusted to our needs. Following this process, we will brush and roll the greens and they will be playable. This is just another tool in the arsenal to modify profile and improve overall conditions. It does not replace traditional Aerification procedures.

The first week of November, we will begin adding internal drainage to greens on holes 9,8,12,17. This will be the same process completed over the last few years, where small trenches are cut on 6' centers, 2" pipe is installed and trenches are backfilled with an appropriate sand mix. The sod is then replaced on the trenches. Individual greens will be closed as the work is performed, and re-opened when feasible (likely in the spring). Once completed, only 4, 13, and 18 remain without internal drainage.











Thank you for your patience during these important procedures, that will improve overall conditions on greens in the future. Please follow our progress through this blog, emails, and by following these twitter accounts:





Greg Nickerson, Assistant Grounds Superintendent

Hyde Park Golf and Country Club





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