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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Around the Grounds at HP

Mary's fine work!

Spring is here and the Grounds staff is in full stride, accomplishing many tasks across the golf course. The greens aeration was a success and we are slowly getting closer to our normal maintenance practices that will aid in smoother surfaces and improved ball roll.

Cores being collected during aeration

The golf course over the last few weeks has been extremely wet and challenging to accomplish basic mowing The staff has spent a lot of time on the weekends playing catch-up, I applaud them for their efforts and we apologize for any inconvenience to the members. Before the first mowing of the fairways we have been trying to firm the surfaces with rolling, after a long winter they are extremely soft. Overall, the zoysia looks good but we will have some minor repairs to edges of fairways and newly sodded areas.

Rolling of fairways


Saturated soil conditions mean hand-picking of range

With the golf season almost in full swing a couple quick reminders to repair ball marks properly, this graphic shows the correct way to enhance recovery.

The practice tee over the next few weeks will see some heavy usage to get the swing back in shape after a long winter. The practice tee is extremely small for the amount of usage it sees, therefore the use of mats are employed to aid in recovery, please do not step in front of the mats to hit, even though divots may not be taken, the constant turning of the feet will cause damage. Also, we have started a new initiative, promoting a lineal divot pattern, the lineal divot pattern uses space effiecntly and promotes recovery utilizing the vegetative ability of the Turfgrass plant. Signs are posted in the Proshop and on the practice tee.

For more information about the Grounds Operation please follow us on Twitter, or take a peak at the Blog at www.hydeparkgolfandcountryclub.blogspot.com


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent


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