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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Grounds Update

The staff continues to move forward but at a slightly slower pace due to the seasonal fluctuations in staffing and Mother Nature has created some cooler wet conditions. With the guidance of golf course architect Tim Liddy, the Hyde Park Grounds staff finished all renovations/zoysia grass conversions on the approaches 4,6 and 8.

4 before


These renovations will enhance playability, consistency, and reduce expenses with fewer inputs, utilizing Zoysia grass. The 6th hole will also offer new shots utilizing the natural contours and fairway mowed short grass off of the bank directly behind the green.

6 before

6 after

The Zoysia grass will take roughly a full season to look and play the same as the existing fairway grass. All new Zoysia can be played off of, but please refrain from driving carts on the new sod.

In the coming month, frost delays will be common and more cart traffic will be restricted to the cart paths because of the dormancy of the Zoysia grass. Zoysia grass is not growing this time of year and unfortunately, any mechanical damage from carts will not heal until next year. We will expect to restrict cart traffic on the fairways sometime in early November pending weather conditions.

The final deeptine and solid tine aeration of the greens will occur in November, allowing to fracture the compacted soil condtions deep in the profile. This process will be followed by topdressing and rolling for smoothness.

Also, beginning in early November, internal drainage will be added to greens 2,10,11 and 16. This process has been completed on 7 of the greens with excellent results, allowing for improved turf health and reducing closure times. Only one green will be closed at any one time for 2-3 days during the first two weeks of November.


10 green- Labor Day

2 green-Labor Day

The 11th..

For more information on the current initiatives and course conditions please follow us on Twitter @pobrienhpgcc Or contact us via email.


Pat O'Brien



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