Hyde Park Est. 1909, A Donald Ross Design

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day- Rain Delays Due to Poor Drainage

During the Labor Day Men's golf event there was a rain event that left almost .75" of rain in less then 30 minutes. There was almost an hour and half delay due to standing water on many of the putting surfaces, except for the 7 greens that have internal drainage. Many members left the event due to the delay and many asked why the delay was so long? The short answer is that these near 100 year old putting greens lack internal drainage. Standing water, needed to be physically squeegeed off many of the greens, hole locations had to be moved to higher ground for playability and to avoid turf damage. Adequate drainage is one the key building blocks of healthy turf. If all the greens had drainage the delay would have been a half hour. The 7 greens with internal drainage had no standing water on them after 20 minutes!

16 Green Physical Removal of Water- no drainage

15 green has internal drainage- note balls left on green ready to play!

Over the years the club has invested a great deal into the infrastructure of Hyde Park, all areas of the course have been renovated in some manner including:

  • Multiple bunker renovations
  • 3 irrigation systems
  • Multiple tee renovations including drainage and new grass
  • Additional and renovated cart paths
  • Zoysia fairway conversion
  • Complete hole renovations
  • Rough renovations

Since the early 1920's when Donald Ross designed HP the only infrastructure that has not been upgraded (Except for 1 green and added drainage in 7 greens) is the most important surface; the putting greens. They drain poorly and the grasses do not preform with the same consistency and cost more to maintain compared to the newer varieties that we have been testing at HP for several years.

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Below are few more photos of the greens following the rain event on Labor Day.

11 green

2 green

10 Green


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent


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