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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Golf Course Update-Winter Preparations and Renovations

The Grounds staff and I transistion into the winter months with plenty on the agenda to accomplish. Recently, the staff completed a new forward tee on 6. The tee was only shifted roughly 70 feet but it is now level, aligned correctly and much closer to the cart path. The red dot in the picture below signifies where the new tee is located.

The staff has also started work on the back tee on 6. The scope of the work includes leveling, alligning and reshaping.


The drainage contractor, XGD systems continues to work diligently to install drainage systems on holes 3,5,14,15. The drainage systems are composed of 2" pipe on 6 foot centers across the putting surfaces, all of the trenches are backfilled with a sandier material to allow increased percolation of access water. Greens 3,5,14,15 were chosen because of the higher populations of Poa and there challenging micro climates (limited air movement and increased shade) After completion,HP will have 7 greens that will drain adequately. Also, to help air movement a fan will installed near the 3rd green.

Tree Management Program:

One of the key areas the staff focuses on in the winter months is tree managment. Shade and competion from roots can be a detriment to healthy traffgrass growth. The above photo is clearing of the invasive honey suckle in the rightside of hole 3. Once removed, it will be more asthetically pleasing and will allow for greater air movement to reduce pathogens.

Irrigation Winterization:

One of the last practices that signifies winter is here is the irrigation winterization. This process involves moving compressed air through the almost 90 miles of pipe on the property to insure the pipe will not fracture if freezing occurs.

Miscellaneous Projects:
  • Poa removal in collars
  • Green expansions
  • Fan installation near 3 green
  • Non-selective herbicide applications to the fairways

The Grounds Department during the winter months is also responsible for snow removal for the platform courts, parking lots and surrounding walkways.

From the Grounds Department we wish you and you're family a happy holiday season.


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent


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