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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Annual Bluegrass and Putting Greens

The putting greens continue to play well with much positive feedback. Some of the factors that have influenced putting quality have been:

  • Increased rolling frequency to five times weekly
  • Use of a smooth front roller on greens mowers to enhance bentgrass
  • Added sand topdressing
  • Average seasonal temperatures
  • Increased fertility to enhance bentgrass
  • Soil active growth regulator that slows the growth of Poa Annua
Over the years there has been much discussion about the putting greens with respect to Poa Annua and lack of drainage. 15 green is the poorest draining green on the golf course, coupled with some of the highest Poa Annua populations, this green can be a challenge to manage. Today, 15 green (no internal drainage) was almost 10% higher in moisture content, compared to 6 green that has internal drainage. Wet, moist soils and Annual Bluegrass are two significant factors that effect putting quality and consistency.

-15 Green Upper Picture/ 6 Green Lower Picture-

In order to dry the surface of 15 green, a second topdressing was applied to inhibit algae growth coupled with spiking the surface to allow for increased air exchange.

- Spiking of 15 green with bronzed appearance of Poa Annua
-Topdressing followed by the seeding of T-1 Bentgrass-

Over the coming weeks we will continue to monitor closely the health of the Poa Annua, with continuing strategies to enhance the bentgrass on the greens.

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent







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