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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Golf Course Update-Summer is here...

Summer in Cincinnati is here! Temperatures have been well above normal levels and the grounds at Hyde Park have seen less then an 1.5 inch of rain for the month of June. In fact, since June 1st, the irrigation system has applied more then 3 million gallons of water to the golf course, tennis, and landscaped areas. The trend is leaning towards the the drier side of the continuum, with little relief from the extreme heat anytime soon.

In order to enhance the playability and health of the golf course, hand-watering or syringing of the greens, tees and approach areas is employed. Syringing occurs when a light mist of water is applied to the turf to reduce the surface temperature of turf canopy. The cool season grasses, specifically the Annual Bluegrass are compromised compared to Creeping Bentgrass in hot weather. This is a challenge when up to 60% of the putting surfaces are composed of Annual Bluegrass.

When our staff is syringing the putting surfaces and the flagstick is pulled out of the cup please do not hit the ball onto the green until the flag is placed back in the cup and the Grounds staff is off the green. This process takes less then 5 minutes to complete and will improve the health and playability of the putting surfaces.

Also, please continue to operate the golf carts in the Zoysia grass fairways to reduce traffic and stress placed upon the turf-type tall fescue roughs.


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintendent


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