Hyde Park Est. 1909, A Donald Ross Design

Friday, March 30, 2012

Annual Bluegrass

There have been a few questions raised about the white looking turf on the 5th tee. The “white” appearance on the this tee is due to the high populations of Annual Bluegrass  or better known as Poa Annua producing seed. Poa Annua is a weed that thrives well in heavily shaded and or wet areas. This grass is short rooted and has a low tolerance for heat and plant pathogens. Unfortunately, this grass is not ideal for the hot and humid summers of Cincinnati. The large Oak tree that was removed posed a challenge to manage bentgrass in this area because of root competition and the constant shade (see below photos). Over the next couple months this area will be inner-seeded with bentgrass to increase the populations of creeping bentgrass.


Pat O’Brien
Grounds Superintendent

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