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Friday, November 4, 2011

Patriot Bermudagrass Practice Tee Trial Results

Throughout the summer months, the turfgrass interns have used the test plot of Patriot Bermudagrass on the practice tee to study the recuperative capacity, specifically divot recovery in comparison to the existing Creeping Bentgrass on the rest of the tee. As expected, the Patriot Bermudagrass has shown excellent recovery rates and playability during a summer of extreme conditions. We would like to continue to monitor the plot throughout the winter months and into the spring to examine how well the bemudagrass stands-up to cold and wet conditions.

One of the concerns with the fast growing capabilities of the bermudagrass, is the possibility of it spreading into the roughs and fairways. This spring, the grounds department will be adding another test plot of Meyer Zoysia grass to further explore the possibility of utilizing this turfgrass on the practice tee. Also, in the spring there will be new practice mats at the practice facility for use when soil conditions are too wet and to reduce wear on the teeing surface.

To view a more detailed assessment of Patriot Bermudagrass on the practice tee, please click here.

Thank you,

Thomas Baillie and Dan Lawendowski
Turfgrass Interns

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