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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Patch Test Plot # 6 green

What is the rectangle on the back of #6 green?

There have been few questions concerning this area on the back of six green. This area is used as a check or test plot for our summer patch trials. The putting greens at Hyde Park are over 85 years old and composed of mainly soil, drain poorly and have large populations of Annual Bluegrass (POA Annua). Summer Patch is a soil pathogen that causes root dysfunction on mainly Annual Bluegrass, which generally shows signs and symptoms in July and August when the turf is under a tremendous amount of stress. In order to reduce summer the effects of summer patch we have a comprehensive strategy that includes:

1)-Promoting Creeping bentgrass (the ideal grass for greens in this region)

2) -Aggressive aerfication and cultural practices to improve drainage

3) -The addition of subsurface drainage

4) -Reducing PH with acidifying fertilizers and added Manganese

5) -The last line of defense is the fungicide program that includes monthly preventative applications beginning in April and continuing until August

The trial area shows us if there is an infection as well as the effect of the fertilizer applications. This trial area is monitored on a daily basis by the turfgrass interns and other members of the staff for changes in appearance.

For more information on Summer Patch please click here


Pat O'Brien

Grounds Superintedent

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