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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cool Weather Crops

With the cold and rainy start of this spring most people don’t think of growing flowers and vegetables. There are multiple cool weather flowers and vegetables that love this time of year such as the tulips planted last fall which are now in full bloom.

Also, in the vegetable garden located behind #4 green, cool weather crops such as cabbage, peas and radishes were planted mid-march in hope of extending the growing season. Succession planting of cool weather crops before the warmer summer crops of tomatoes and squash is a great way extending the growing season and the productivity of the garden. The goal of the garden is to help keep food costs down as well as providing fresh organic “home grown” produce.

For additional information on cool weather vegetables click here


Keep an eye open for spring wildflowers now in blooms like
Virginia Bluebells AND White Trillium

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