Hyde Park Est. 1909, A Donald Ross Design

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snow Mold Preventative Fungicide Application

The bentgrass tees and approaches at Hyde Park were treated with a fungicide to prevent Snow Mold on Thursday. One application is applied annually to the greens, tees and approaches from November to January.

What is Snow Mold?????

There are two types of snow mold that may affect turfgrass, gray snow mold and pink snow mold. Gray snow mold is rarely a serious problem in South West Ohio since it requires extended periods of snow cover to develop (30 days for mild infections to begin and 90 days or more for serious outbreaks). Unlike gray snow mold, pink snow mold does not require snow cover but snow cover can promote disease outbreaks in certain situations. Since pink snow mold is promoted by wet conditions, we can reduce the possibility of disease by maintaining normal mowing heights into the fall until growth has nearly stopped to avoid long grass that may become matted and wet (Purdue University, 2004).

Applying fungicides to the 1st tee

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